Welcome to Yippin, where we equip SMBs with cutting-edge digital solutions to prioritize customer satisfaction and boost profitability. Say goodbye to complicated business operations and hello to a streamlined and prosperous approach to business.

Welcome to Yippin, a simpler, more successful way of doing business.

Why Join us?

At Yippin, we prioritize your business growth. With our integrated digital solutions, you can streamline your operations, allowing you to dedicate more time to serving your customers while we handle the rest!

Increase revenue

Transform your daily operations into revenue by optmizing processes and reducing costs.

Target your audience

Precision-target your audience with our app's powerful partner-driven marketing and sales features.

Control from anywhere

Be in control and stay updated from anywhere— without the need to be present at your business premises.

CRM, Data Analysis

Knowledge is power, and with Yippin, you’ll always stay one step ahead of the competition. Gain insights not only into your own business but also into your competitors’. Know what’s happening and what’s not, enabling you to make informed decisions and stay ahead in the market.

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Elin & Tina

Owners, LetsTakeaBreak

"Thanks to yippin we grew our customer base by 90%. Moreover, we make our customers happy with direct and personalised relationships."

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